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You can find links to popular songs with their lyrics, lesson plans and handouts that you can easily use in your class. All you need to do is to choose the right level, topic or objective that you want to cover with your students.

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Why use songs in class?

Music, as an international language, takes a very important part in our lives; especially in our students’ lives. While reading a book, driving a car, having a cup of coffee with our friends, don’t you listen to music; doesn’t it change the atmosphere of the place; doesn’t it change your mood easily? So, why not use songs in class while students are reading a text, writing an essay, filling in the blanks? What’s more, why not use songs that are popular among our students in class to present or practise a grammar goal in English or teach vocabulary or even practise different skills?


Here, in this blog you will find a variety of songs with their teaching ideas and handouts. Your feedback and contributions are highly appreciated.


Compare the content of the songs

Put the students into two groups. One group listens to “We are young” by Fun and the other group listens to ” I know what it is to be young” by Orson Wells. With lower levels you can give the lyrics for them to follow. Then, pair them up and ask them to compare the emotions and the messages in these two songs. They can prepare a poster to show the differences between these two age groups.


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Hi everyone,

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