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You can find links to popular songs with their lyrics, lesson plans and handouts that you can easily use in your class. All you need to do is to choose the right level, topic or objective that you want to cover with your students.

Help yourself to a song please :)


Why use songs in class?

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Music, as an international language, takes a very important part in our lives; especially in our students’ lives. While reading a book, driving a car, having a cup of coffee with our friends, don’t you listen to music; doesn’t it change the atmosphere of the place; doesn’t it change your mood easily? So, why not use songs in class while students are reading a text, writing an essay, filling in the blanks? What’s more, why not use songs that are popular among our students in class to present or practise a grammar goal in English or teach vocabulary or even practise different skills?


Here, in this blog you will find a variety of songs with their teaching ideas and handouts. Your feedback and contributions are highly appreciated.


“Go Gentle” by Robbie Williams

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Here is another song to practice adjectives. Enjoy:)

Worksheet: GO GENTLE

“Somewhere only we know” by Lily Allen

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This is a very nice song to practice prepositions, which you can use at all levels. You may want to provide the prepositions that they need to complete the blanks in a box or you can write them up on the board.

Here is the worksheet : Somewhere only we know.


The Boxer by Simon And Garfunkel

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A very good song to practice articles with pre-int or intermediate students. Have fun :))

Worksheet:The Boxer by Simon and Art Grafunkel

Gotta travel on- Bob Dylan

It is a very nice song by Bob Dylan after or before you study a unit about travel with your students. The worksheet is prepared to work with different forms of verbs.

Click on the title here to download the worksheet: Gotta Travel on

Pastime Paradise by Patti Smith and Steve Wonder

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A good song to practise word formation for upper intermediate students. Enjoy :)) You can download the WORKSHEET here.


Love Street- The Doors

You can use this song to practise Present Simple Tense (especially 3rd person singular verb agreement) with elementary students.

WORKSHEET- Love Street

Everything at Once – Lenka

The song, featured in a TV advertisement for Windows 8 in 2012, can be used to practise similes and comparative “as…as” with intermediate and upper students.

WORKSHEET-Everything at Once

Have you ever seen the rain?- Rod Stewart

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This is a very nice song to practice present perfect tense and opposites. The level of the worksheet is suitable for  Low Intermediate students. Enjoy :)

Worksheet- Have You Ever Seen the Rain

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